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Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

CODE Dance Attire


Dancers must wear appropriate dance clothes to class. Warm-up clothes are permitted, but must be taken off when the dancer is “warm”. All dancers are required to wear leotard and tights to ballet (color based on level). Only form fitting clothing is allowed for jazz, lyrical, tap and TLC classes. 
It is too difficult to give the proper corrections if the instructor cannot see the dancers’ lines.  

Hair needs to be tied back securely during classes. For ballet, hair needs to be in a clean bun, no loose ends hanging out. Please make sure your dancer has extra ponytail holders, bobbipins and hairspray to keep their hair secure.  

Dancers are required to wear the proper shoes to each class. Ballet shoes are pink, tap shoes are black and jazz shoes can be either black or tan. Do not share shoes with any other dancers. Dance shoes should be worn inside only. Wearing dance shoes outside will ruin the shoe and bring dirt onto the dance floor. Please put your dancers name in their shoes as it’s easy to get them mixed up.

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